Roxanne Diamond – “Shut Up & Suck Them”

“Shut Up & Engulf Them”

Roxanne Diamond and Mandy Pearl. Were they separated at birth? Kissin’ cousins? They look like they could be related, especially from certain angles. Mandy is British and appears on Great Britain television these days.

Roxanne from Romania, land of naturally bountiful love muffins worked in an adult shop, and from the looks of her, probably racked up the almost all sales figures of all the staff there. “I do not receive to dress up to emphasize my titties because they usually stand out no matter what I dress in.”

Born on Valentine’s Day, Roxanne’s hobbies are writing poetry, reading and drawing nudes (this babe doesn’t say whether male or woman nudes). This babe too shares the same New Age philosophy as Joana, her exposed modeling mentor and bosom buddy. Look out for those artsy types (as well as cuties who work in burger joints and cosmetic surgeons’ offices). They’ve got racks.

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