Rosie – A Fresh Kick off

A Recent Commence

A New Start

Do you remember Rosie the 24-year-old from Derby, England? She grew her pubes out for months just to send in some fotos to our web site. She and her then-boyfriend are members here at our web resource. Well, they broke up. “It was a lengthy time coming. I still like him, but we’re not as compatible as we used to be. It was time to move on,” Rosie said us. We’re guessing that this babe was talking about more than just her relationship, judging by the other major life decision she made latterly. “I shaven off my hair, too. My pubes, I mean!”
“I’m not sure which pube style I like more. Shaving is a hassle, and I’m not brave enough to wax my holes. It sounds so painful! Most boys appear to be to like me shaved down there, though. I liked having my rug, likewise! It was enjoyment to play with and run my fingers through. I too liked how I could shampoo my bush and it would remain fragrant throughout the day. I just didn’t love how the hair felt in my panties. I went with out them when I had the bush.”

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