Rock Hard Wood!

Here are some pix from Arizona, this was our 1st day in this nice-looking looking state; we want we had greater amount time to spend here. We was somewhat rushed due to the late time of day we got here, so we merely had 1 60 minutes to see Thirty five miles of outstanding scenery. So we drove the RV as fast as we could down the narrow winding road which was a lot harder than it sounds. One time we saw a spot we liked we would pull over as fast as we could and then expect for the other cars to pass us by so we wouldn’t acquire into likewise much bother ha-ha-ha. Seeing Toni KatVixen’s monumental pantoons out in the centre of nowhere with this scene in the background, and the sun low in the sky make this one of my much loved shoots we ever have done. We one as well as the other look forward to returning to this area of the country, there is just so much to watch and do here. ~ Torn Rose More Here