Repost SCORE January 2000: 20 Photos of B.B. Gunns

Repost SCORE January 2000: 20 Pix of B.B. Gunns

Look out!! Make room!! Who says there’re no larger quantity superboobed angels? Here comes the ramrod stiffening B.B. Gunns! Considering the size of her cannon shells, Magnum Gunns would be a larger amount breathtaking description but a lousy stage name. At first this glamorous woman was Bodacious Bubbles, a much less breasty youthful stripper. As Bubbles, this babe won 2nd runner-up in the Miss Exotic Midwest contest for ’96-’97, and also for finest brandishes and hottest stage personality. That babe was likewise the First runner-up in the Miss Slender International contest for ’96 and ’97, which displays you how much B.B. has reinvented herself. It is a precious thing too because someone else those days, a 93 pound redhead in the midwest, is now calling herself Bodacious Bubbles. In any case, our Miss Gunns is now a humongous 50GGG-26-36, stands 5’4″ weighs 122 lbs and shreds a 36EE (sometimes 38DD) bra to pieces. No question, B.B. is athletic like a major brickhouse and cums at u wide-eyed like an express teach. This soapy photo discharge of B.B. and her can crushers was shot by MATTHEW Marks of Lasting Pictures (, who produced the SCORE trading card set for us a few years ago. MARVIN truly photographed the blue-eyed golden-haired previous to and after her breast expansion program for trading card sets and this gent says this babe is a sweetheart on the set and on the stage. B.B. has a mailing address and it’s B.B. Gunns, POB 11521 Hendrix Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 19116. Tell her the lads at SCORE say “boobhead us!”

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