Rena Yano – Tokyo Babe

Tokyo Honey bunny

Tokyo Sweetheart

Do u studs remember Moeka? She was the Japanese chick whose photos we posted back in August. Well, we’ve got a surprise for you. This is Rena, and that babe is one of the angels that Moeka and her partner hook up with when they are in the greater than run of the mill city. In fact, it was Moeka’s partner who took these shots! Apparently word got around in their salacious circle of allies that an American magazine printed their stripped pics and posted ’em online, likewise. Rena wanted in on the action. Who the hell would turn this sexy piece of Japanese butt down?

We read recently that there is a shortage of sexually excited young fellows in Japan. Apparently they’re all likewise desensitized cuz of the graphic nature of their comic books, videos and episode games. Sex doesn’t hold an appeal to the boyz, so they bury their faces in iPads instead of hawt cooch. That leaves the door open for chaps like Kenta, Rena’s fuck-buddy and Moeka’s partner. We just had to ask Rena about this suave son-of-a-bitch. “Kenta is very affectionate. When I see him with Moeka, it makes me jealous. She shares him with me in the bedroom, which is precious. I’m wanton and lonely all the time!”

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