Rack ‘Er Up!

Rack ‘Er Up!

Rack 'Er Up!

Fleshly Jane has a serious, regal look in her images but this babe is truly very approachable and down-to-earth with a fine sense of humor. That babe is at no time laughed, smiled and giggled as much as this babe does in this pool game that goes from stick-handling and ball whacking to cock-riding.

Thomas is trying to help Jane out with her jerk off. As if this babe needed any assist! But almost all of the joy is getting to hold Jane tight doggystyle and guide these balls in. Jane is not assertive of her skills at knocking balls into holes but she’s more than assertive at guiding Thomas’ stick past her lips and into her pink pussy-hole.

The green felt makes a worthwhile altar of lust as Jane climbs on top of Thomas and gives him a tremendous tit-wank and oral-sex before this ladies man slides one into Jane’s side pocket. When it comes to racking it up, Jane is at the top of her game. “I had a good rock hard banging with nice snatch touching with tongue and much teasing,” says Jane. “I gotta practice my pool shooting too!”

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