Push In The Bush

Y’know, it is a a matter of joke world. Astronomical boobed April McKenzie reached the age of 22 in advance of that babe even heard of SCORE and Voluptuous. What is wrong with the educational system in The United States of America? But better late than not ever. Thank heavens April had secret desires just expecting to explode. “Guys mostly appear to be to wanna cum on my funbags,” April has observed. April, that is because u attract mainly breast-men in everything you do and everywhere u go, and breast-men generally like to drop their loads on girls’ bazookas. It’s only natural. April‘s dated exceptions to the rule but if a boy is regularly seeing a hotty who busts a undergarment, there is a 99% chance that that gent wants large bouncy bosoms. (Linsey said that babe one time dated a boy who did not care about her milk cans. That’s impossible to understand. The boy have to have been a little funny in the head.) What your boob-centric editors have noticed about 36GG-cupper April is that she’s like the girl-next-door. This comes throughout in person and in movie scene. And like almost any Southern angels, April is gentle and soft-spoken. We’ve called her girlfriend material bigger in size quantity than once. Stay enjoyable, April!

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