Patty Michova – Staircase To Large Boob Heaven

Staircase To Large Boob Heaven

Staircase To Large Boob Heaven

Slinky, sexy and stacked SCORE star Patty Michova and Jay cross paths in the stairwell. Jay is heading up the stairs to his desk and Patty is on her way without the building. They stop and greet every other warmly.

Jay eyes Patty up and down love a wolf checking out a lamb. Patty knows that look very well. That babe checks out Jay the same way and eyes his junk. Jay needs to rush but Patty is hot and needs a fire pantyhose to kewl her down. That babe touches Jay’s package and desires him to attend to her needs. Patty touches her bigger in size than standard bouncy bosoms and looks at Jay with an open invitation in her eyes. Jay keeps glancing up the staircase in case someone catches ’em. Patty doesn’t care if anyone sees ’em.

Jay turns Patty around and starts to unbutton her constricted blouse. Her big love muffins are slipping with out her undergarment. Patty is a petite in number steps lower than Jay. This babe rubs his bulge. Jay drops his trousers so Patty can play with his penis. The anticipation drives Jay into a frenzy. Patty takes Jay’s knob and sandwiches it betwixt her greater than average fullsome funbags so this babe can titty-bang him.

Jay shags Patty’s cleavage subrigid. The friction makes Patty’s mangos and Jay’s ramrod hot. Patty cools off his hot poker by sticking it down her luscious throat. Jay takes Patty’s head with both hands and screws her throat. Patty can get his schlong all the way down her throat. She’s a tremendous dick sucker and ball licker.

Jay turns Patty around and drops her constricted jeans so he can slip her small panties to the side and finger her pussy-slit to prepare it for his woodie. Patty crams against the wall of the stairwell as Jay jams into her cum-hole and fucks her unyielding doggystyle. This is merely the first position they’re plan to fuck in.

Patty sits on his schlong and pumps up and down. Her dancer training and pumped up body make her a high-energy sex husband. Jay eats her out and fingers her some other time. Then in one move, Jay picks Patty up while she’s standing and facing him. In one deft move during the time that Jay is carrying her, Patty slides her briefs to the side and puts his horn inside her fur pie for a standing power-fuck. What a porn star Patty Michova is!

Where will Patty get her award for being so sexy in staircase sex? Her milk sacks? Her face? Her seize? On her arse? In her face hole?

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