No Bikini Top Can Support Them

No Bathing costume Top Can Support Them

No Bathing suit Top Can Support Them

In a new letter to Scorecard, R.N. wrote, “Is it my imagination or just the digital camera angles, or is one of Miosotis‘ twin treasures slightly a bit bigger than the other? I may be nuts, but I always acquire a very specific thrill from a adult model who has one tit slightly bigger in size than the other.” No worries, R.N. U may be breast-crazed but you haven’t gone absolutely nuts yet. Not many cuties have symmetrical whoppers. One will always be greater than the other in varying degrees. It was a miracle that Miosotis could even wear a swim dress top in this photo shoot. It looks ready to rip into shreds at any moment. It’s a admirable thing that Miosotis lives in the Dominican Republic and goes to quiet, not quite empty beaches. Can u imagine Miosotis in a swim costume on a beach in Santa Monica, California or at Coney Island in Recent York. The police would need to protect her!

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