Newcummers SP133: 20 images of Victoria

Dear ALEX,
My partner loves it when I talk smutty to him, but I am not any worthwhile at it. It feels indeed awkward to say the things this fellow can’t live out of to hear during sex, and I feel inexperienced ‘cuz I always end up saying the same things over and over, like a dum-dum. I love having sex with him and sometimes seeing the look on his face when I spout something that acquires him sexy makes my fur pie gush juice. My prefered is, “You like my soaked cookie? Well, copulate it!” But I need to try rock hard not to chuckle sometimes. That voids urine him off and his dick goes soft. If I could always talk immodest to him with a str8 and ardent face like I did final night when I told him that I loved tasting his cum on my fingers after jacking him off, that would be absolutely incredible. I wanna receive larger amount nice, but how? How and where can I learn to talk dirty? -V.K.

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