Newcummers SP133: 20 images of Charlie

I think my girlfriend is getting a little weirded out by smth, but I just love doing it so much that I wanna know if I’m stepping over the line. I am a slutty lady-killer. I can have sex four or five times a day sometimes, and I could just keep banging until my balls run dry. I honestly believe I’m a sexaholic, or whatever they call it, but it isn’t truly affecting my day-to-day life, anyway costing me a lot for lube. TOMMY, here’s my thing. This babe never refuses me when I wish to screw her. But sometimes, if her pussy is a bit sore and she isn’t up for engulfing me off, she lets me wank on her. Even after doing it 2 or 3 times before calling it a night, I’ll straddle her just to rub out some other load on her petite funbags, or spray her face with my last few trickles of sperm. This babe isn’t bothered by me cumming on her face, or even by me asking her to slurp up the final dribbles out of my swollen prick. But now she’s starting to acquire a little stressed out over me needing to wank on her even after all the sex we have had.

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