Naughty Neighbors Holiday 2006: 20 Photos of Laurie Ann Summers

Wicked Neighbors Holiday 2006: Twenty Pix of Laurie Ann Summers

Laurie likes fucking and there’s not much she won’t do except for anal. She likes wet crack and has had a lot of dirty weekends with other gals. She is done orgies likewise. “I think I’m like a lady-killer, the way I suppose and action when it comes to sex. I call other cuties sluts and boss ’em around in intimate. I can see throughout their little games and call ’em on it. The old I receive, the more I wish sex. I love blowjobs and swallowing cum. I did not use to like giving ’em but now I love to do it. Boys tell me I give the foremost head they ever had. My life is sex, sex and pecker. That is all I guess about. I was a dork and very insecure growing up so this is my way of making up for it.”


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