Natalie Fiore Naughty In Nassau 1

Natalie Fiore Naughty In Nassau 1 is happy to present Natalie‘s first and merely DVD, Natalie Fiore: Wicked In Nassau, shot on location in the fetching Carribean. In the opener, Natalie arrives from Paris and is driven to the beach abode where majority of the festivities will be taking place. A born exhibitionist, she takes her gracious raiment off in the back seat and puts you in the driver’s seat. Natalie indeed knows how to tour in style. “I’m from France,” Natalie explains. “I was born in October. I am a very optimistic person and I love to live life to the maximum. I live daily like it’s the the final day and I guess everyone should likewise do the same. I’ve no shortage of lovers, but sometimes I prefer to make myself cum instead of having a partner. I very much like to be touched and made love to, but let’s face it, no one knows how to make us feel precious like we do ourselves. So yeah, I do enjoy masturbation very much, likewise.”

Natalie Fiore Wicked In Nassau 1