My Last Nude Florida Layout

Since we were moving to the Great Pacific Northwest, I was trying to get all the stripped layouts that I could outside. This is the final one I did and it is one of the things that I will miss about Florida. There’s no thing like feeling the heat from the sun on my bazookas, opening my legs to feel the heat move to my haunches and permeating through the long fur pie hair that I let go wild. The heat on my cookie making me wanna have a tongue and a dong there, teasing me…….if I go tanning, that is the part I enjoy…grin…..makes me concupiscent. Of course, having a pair of my camera coy well hung playmates observe me have fun myself as Torn took pics indeed got me going…..makes me damp to think of the of the “good-bye” I gave ’em to remember me by later that day………cruel grin…..I crave I could’ve been accomplished to share it here, you would’ve adore it.
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