Ms. Palatable Acquires Chummy

Ms. Yummy Receives Chummy

Ms. Palatable Gets Chummy

Ms. Yummy likes walking around in lingerie or in nature’s garb. We had just the place for her to do that. Whether coming or going, that babe can get a fellow boob-drunk or butt-drunk. This little shapely goddess is solely 5’1″ in her undressed feet and has the sex drive of a few angels in one voluptuous body.

SCORELAND: Have u ever had sex in public?

Yummy: I would like to. I have only been fingered, one time in a movie scene theater. But we didn’t have sex.

SCORELAND: What about anal sex? Do u love it?

Yummy: I love anal play. Touching with tongue and fingering. Having my arse spanked and kissed. I had fun with Tony in my 1st SCORE discharge. I am still on the fence about real anal-copulation.

SCORELAND: When u give a lad a BJ, do you swallow his load or do you spit?

Yummy: When I give blow jobs, I drink, depending on my kinky mood. I spit sometimes. It can depend on how his cum tastes.

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