Mother We’d Love To Fuck

Mother We'd Love To Fuck

The word SEXY HOUSEWIFE has kind of lost its meaning. Its literal translation is, “Mother I’d Love To Fuck,” and this implies, certainly, that the female-dominator you’re talking about is a Mommy. Is this babe 20something? 30something? 40something or 50something? Doesn’t matter as long as she’s a Mama. Or does it? Doesn’t the word SEXY HOUSEWIFE imply aged woman, anybody at least in her 40s? We think it does.

Which brings us to Charley Rose, who’s over Fourty, indeed is a Mother and is obviously very sexy. The word “MILF” defines Charley, who has a body any dude would love to bonk, whether this dude is Twenty, 60 or in between. And here, Charley displays that numerous hours spent with her would be time well spent. The mistress obviously knows how to fuck. She’s a HORNY HOUSEWIFE. And we’d love to shag her.

Mother We'd Love To Fuck