Monika Dupree – Teenies Next Door

Teenies Next Door

Teens Next Door

As a specific treat to you boyz, we’re posting an whole full-length DVD to our site. We’re posting one scene each week until the entire flick is online and u can watch it any time u desire.

This week we’ve got Monika.

“I didn’t wanna discharge any actual sex on-camera coz I was a virgin when I took my first stripped pictures,” Monika said us. “I finally gave up. Wonderful riddance! I figured if I was already putting ramrods in my mouth I might as well put Them in my cooch, also. And I get to admit, as much as I like the taste of dick-flesh, I love most of all the feel of a dick in my gap more. I know I just, like, lost my virginity, but I already know where that special spot is. You know, the one that gives u an climax instantly when u poke it. It feels crazy admirable. Now all I wanna do is shag. So yeah, things have changed. For the more worthwhile.”

This concludes our viewing of Nubiles Next Door, but stay tuned for more streaming movie scenes.

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