Micky Bells – Hotty With A Red Dress On

Hotty With A Red Suit On

Angel With A Red Costume On

“I do not costume to attract attention but I receive it in any case,” says Micky Bells, now ultra slender and still stacked after months of diet and exercise that have transformed her body. “I likewise avoided eating takeaway food and I sleep more. I feel quite priceless about all the attention people give me.”

“I hope all the boys still love me, but I do not know,” Micky said. “Maybe there are some dudes who liked me greater, but I’m not worried. I know there will be others who will love me as I’m now. Anything balances out, yes?”

“I still go on livecam but if I had not become a photo model, I’d have not travelled to Puerto Vallarta in Mexico and Montego Bay, Jamaica, so adult modeling for SCORE has given me many opportunities to see the world and to meet other handsome girls love Hitomi and Terri.”

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