Merilyn Exposed Day 3

Merilyn Undressed Day THREE

It is Day 3 of our visit to Merilyn country, a tour that’s shown a much
different side of Merilyn than the world has been used to over the past two
years. She is been turned loose, given free reign to express her amazing
personality which up to now has been a mystery. Now we’ve learned what kind
of beauty she’s. She’s exhuberant, energetic, dynamic and wildly passionate
in everything she does. And this babe is funny! The hotty just cracks us up with her comments and jokes. She loves having pleasure and looking for the nice in
everything. Following her around has given everybody new insight into this
SCORE centerfold and covergirl. This babe enjoys life to the fullest, enjoys the
act of living in the here and now, from taking great pleasure in preparing
meals in the kitchen like some drop-dead pretty hostess of a television
food show to talking about her homeland. Merilyn was asked “What do u wanna do this day?” And her answer was to visit a local carnival. You’ll receive a kick as this huge-boobed looker runs around in her high-energy style, 1st doing the bump in a bumper car. Then that babe has the nerve to go on a thrill ride u couldn’t pay us to try, and when that babe receives off this head-spinning tour, her reactions are so delightsome and expressive, you won’t crave her to leave as that babe skips off.

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