Marie Leone – Maid For Sex

Maid For Sex

Maid For Sex

Set to turn Twenty two on December 14th, Marie Leone takes a spin as a domestic, cleaning Peter’s place while his wife is out. And Marie is just maid for sex, u know, so this feather dusting business is about to end because this babe craves to clean his schlong, not his clock.

Marie seems to be fresh at maid service since she keeps knocking over decorations with her bigger than standard scoops as well as her duster. But that’s fine. The display is more priceless than any degree of cleanliness. Marie is not indeed cut out to be a maid. Her skills tell lies in getting stripped and spreading on-camera and in hardcore discharges. At home, Marie is beautiful domesticated. She likes cleaning, especially her husband’s knob. “My hobbies are cooking and cleaning. I just identify it very peaceful,” says Marie. Hey, we could watch Marie clean and cook all day.

Peter appears to be a little reluctant to hit on the maid but no one would accuse him of taking advantage if that dude did try his luck. Marie craves rod in her face hole and muff so knocking things over and taking her remarkable knockers without her maid’s uniform is probably a ruse to get some hot sex. It’s guaranteed. Who could resist her? This chick’ll kill ya!

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