Mammary Lane: 120 Photos of Michelle

Mammary Lane: 120 Images of Michelle

Michelle made her Voluptuous cover initial appearance in the January ’98 issue. At the time, Germany already had given the busty world Chloe Vevrier, Olga, Effie and Lisa Miller. Surprisingly, for a country with such naturally zoftig hotty’s, Germany has at no time been a hotbed of voluptuous adult model act. Born in Dresden, Twenty 3 year-old Michelle was living in Munich when she decided to give bare posing a discharged. Modeling longevity was not in her blood (the same for Lisa) despite the fact they one as well as the other had perfect voluptuosity and could have continued to glamour model for years like Chloe. But who knows–perhaps Michelle will resurface one day if her life circumstances allow it. It is a long shot but u never know.


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