Mammary Lane: 120 Photos of Lorna Morgan

Mammary Lane: 120 Pix of Lorna Morgan

Posted in SCORE Theater Bouncing Wobblers is a 57-minute clip breast-umentary released in 2000 with Linsey, Lorna, Kerry, Kathy and Jessica Turner. The lately uncovered still pix in this Mammary Lane were produced during the making of Bouncing Pointer sisters and have at not time been published or shown in advance of in any mag or web resource. (Jessica is absent.) In the first 40 fotos, Lorna, Kerry, Linsey and Kathy promote SCORE mag at the London Motor Flaunt. Bulging in their tee-shirts, the gals pose by luxury sports cars and other vehicles including a vintage three-wheeled Trotters car whilst dazed on-lookers observed them with fried-egg eyes and slack jaws. The remainder of the images have the fulsome foursome boxing, wrasslin’ and training! Bouncing Billibongs is a true rarity!

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