Madeline – Photographer’s ASS-istant

Photographer’s ASS-istant

Photographer's ASS-istant

“Okay, so I am not sure u bucks are intend to publish my images,” is how the gracious Madeline began her email to us. “My boyfriend is a skillful photographer and I know you men use amateurs only. I am, but he is not. Is that confusing? I have no idea. I just know that I wish everybody to see his handsome photos of me and if somebody craves to hire him, they can contact Naughtymag and u males can set it up, right? That stud needs the supplementary business.”

“My boy and I’ve been jointly for five years now, and I’ve always helped him out with his photography business. This stud was doing truly well shooting weddings and bar mitzvahs, but a couple of months ago a bride walked in on me blowing him in the coat-check whilst this Lothario was supposed to be shooting the exotic dancing. I absolutely receive why this babe freaked, but her negative comments online absolutely tanked his business. He depended on word-of-mouth advertising, likewise. Now he’s hoping to start a budoir photo studio. I think I’m his first client. We’re hoping that this will be a new initiate for the both of us.”

“We’ve taken truly perverted photos together previous to. In fact, we have posted some on certain online communities, but we always wore masks or had large, thick sunglasses and hats on. We wanna protect our identities when it comes to the actually sexual stuff. You know, like him rogering my arse whilst I’m blowing one more boy. That is the kind of stuff that could indeed stick with u down the road. But this is different. It is adore art! We’ll probably solely discharge single chicks for a little whilst to establish our “classy” reputation in the community. Later on, though, I can see us shooting couples having sex or even some light servitude ram.”

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