Little Black Book

Little Dark Book

I am almost 60, so I decided it was time to cross this one off of my to-do list,” told Deanna Bentley, a divorcee from Richfield, Ohio who’s making her first look in 40Something. “I’ve viewed the Grand Canyon. I have been to lots of illustrious places. I have been to swingers’ disrobe clubs. But I have by no means done this until now. And I am actually glad I did!”

Here’s an interesting tidbit about Deanna That babe knows exactly how many dudes she’s fucked in her life. “Forty-five,” this babe told. “Well, 46 now. I keep a diary, and each one is in there.” She made it 46 when this babe came to our studio and fucked on camera for our fresh site, (an outtake from her scene is in issue #188). “It was memorable because I got screwed in the gazoo, really unyielding. I love that I can still make a woman chaser half my age get rock hard.”

“I love that at Fifty nine, I can still walk into a lingerie store and buy the sexiest outfits, and when I go to the beach, I can still wear skimpy bikinis,” Deanna said. “I know lots of vixens view me like, ‘What’s that aged beauty doing wearing a strap bikini’ but they’re just jealous. I work unyielding to keep my body in shape coz sex is very important to me. Dudes are very visual, and I desire to give ’em smth to view.”

Little Dark-skinned Book