Lily Madison – The Morning Ritual

The Morning Ritual

The Morning Ritual

Lily Madison does “The Morning Ritual,” (awaking up and dressing for the day) a theme that Natalie Fiore, Lorna Morgan and others have done on-camera.

A Brit, Lily is the fortunate owner of a phenomenal physique and that babe decided to share it with the world instead of keeping it under wraps. “I have a pair of busty friends, but none of them are as breasty as myself.” Lily enjoys the attention and this babe will sometimes wear underwear as outerwear just to truly stir things up. “I adore push-up bras with bends and glitter. I like to suit to brandish them off. I don’t wear bras to daybed. I wear three bras if I’m working out.”

Lily crushed a Diet Cherry Seven-Up can betwixt her titties on-camera in her video interview. The can is now stored in the SCORE Archive. “I was at a music festival, and a petticoat chaser was looking at my chest, and this buck had a beer can, and this chab came up to me and said, ‘Do u think u could crush this betwixt your mambos?’ And I said, ‘I’m not sure. I think I’ll try,’ and so I did it, and everybody was cheering. And that’s how it happened.”

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