Lilith – Xtra-Private Session

Xtra-Private Session

Xtra-Private Session

Lilith is having some naughty phone sex when the batteries in her fake penis go bad. Rather than use her fingers to cum to orgasm, Lilith tells a fuck buddy to receive his a-hole over to her place and fast, and bonk her unbending and deep.

Voluptuous mag editors interviewed former exotic dancer Lilith during her heyday as a SCORE Group glamour model. This babe was a lot of joy.

V-Mag: What satisfies u the superlatively nice? Forget about the woman chaser.

Lilith: I guess actual penetration. We just copulate.

V-Mag: Any prefered positions?

Lilith: Any and all. Nothing special.

V-Mag: Are u bi-curious about other vixens? Have u ever gone with a woman?

Lilith: Not absolutely. I had a goddess eat my twat one time. I liked it.

V-Mag: Have other dancers in your undress club hit on u?

Lilith: Tons of the beauties in my club are charming str8. Other exotic dancing clubs, yep, I have had that a lot. But I most like boyz.

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