Lena gets ass-fucked by her neighbors

Lena receives ass-fucked by her neighbors

Lena gets ass-fucked by her neighbors

Tony and Tyler are helping Lena Lewis, who’s 54, move some furniture and talking about her bra buddies. They think she doesn’t hear ’em, but they’re incorrect. Which turns out to be a wonderful thing.

“Is there everything else u need aid with or are you worthy for today?” Tony asks.

“Yes, really, there is something else,” Lena says. “I heard you lads talking out there.”

“Talking about what?” Tony says, trying to sound virginal.

“Do you like big mammaries?” Lena asks.

Tony fesses up. He is been admiring Lena’s fullsome funbags since they moved in a year ago. So has Tyler.

“Have you lads had any experience with an old lady?” Lena says. “You’re juvenile enough to be my kids.”

“But we’re not,” Tony says. Her kids, this woman chaser means. And those are the magic words.

Lena sucks their knobs. One petticoat chaser screws her mouth whilst the other screws her pussy. Then Lena opens up her booty for pleasure, and the boyz take turns on her tight, old backdoor in advance of cumming all over her face. Indeed glazing it!

U could say that Tony and Tyler had a moving experience.

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