Krystal Swift – Return of the Rack

Return of the Rack

Return of the Rack

Krystal Swift entered SCORELAND with both hooters blazing. She has an ever-smiling, busty-girl-next-door appeal, hot, fresh-faced blond looks and a naturally lusty nature. If u were to see her, you’d probably not think “porn star.”

Krystal was with out sight for a pair of years after shooting a three-some called “Two Studs For Miss Swift.” We even speculated that that babe had exited the adult scene.

Then word came in that Krystal was back in the game and looking to resume fun times again. The ride’s back on and we’re glad Krystal’s a part of the bigger than typical reveal once more.

Krystal’s large bra-busters are even bigger in size now. This babe is more voluptuously stacked now. “I wear a 7G bra now,” Krystal said. “They’re indeed large but I like them.” A 7G bra in the Czechia is a 44DDD in the United States and a 44F in the United Kingdom. This babe is proud of her boobies and that’s a worthwhile thing in a world of boob prejudice.

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