Kitty Lee Behind The Scenes

Kitty TOMMY Behind The Scenes

The generously athletic Kitty LEO is guided throughout a pictorial session for Voluptuous and u can tell how good a adult model that babe is by the submissive way that babe takes direction. Make almost certainly of it or not, some guys do not care much for big knockers. Kitty explains: “I went out with one lad who broke up with me coz my pantoons were also big. When this stud met me I was wearing a actually big, baggy shirt ‘coz I was just out at a hardware store getting something really quick. But when we went out I wore this really alluring clothing. This chab dated me a couple of times and then told me this chab could not date me ‘coz my scoops were also large. This chab just said this stud couldn’t date a female with mangos this large, that it bothered him. He’s the only lad who ever told that to me, though.” It’s a wonderful thing they avoided dating. This chab sounds mentally ill.

Kitty BEN Behind The Scenes