Katie Thornton – Enjoyment In The Sun

Fun In The Sun

Fun In The Sun

“I love to make an effort and dress to impress a man,” says irresistible Katie Thornton, out side here but wearing an outfit meant for inside.

“I adore to chuckle and if a boy can make me laugh, he’s got my attention! Making me laugh is a get to!”

How much of a chance does a boy have trying to pull Katie?

“Sex on the 1st date? If everything’s right and the timing is priceless. What’s the point of contemplating? I’ll give a gent a cute, flirty glance and a ballsy wink and see how that smooth operator handles it. One time a ladies man and I snuck down to the beach at night to have sex. Doing it in public is something a hotty doesn’t forget.”

We endevoured for a entire year to arrange a visit to the USA, and Katie’s lastly here. “I was in Prague twice with your photographers but now I have lastly had the chance to come to USA. I have been to LA, Las Vegas and Miami. I love Miami!”

Katie is definitely a Miami beauty.

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