Jessa Lee – Trading Butt for Rent

Trading Arse for Rent

Trading Gazoo for Rent

Youthful Jessa Lee is about to learn the rock hard facts of life: Wazoo or money. Nobody gets away out of paying the rent. The wolf comes knocking at her door, demanding specie. She says, “I’m sorry. I’ll acquire it to u as pretty soon as I can.” She’s having a rigid time making ends meet. She’s a bartender. Drunk people don’t tip well. “We have to evict you,” the wolf says. “We have no choice.” Jessa Lee writes him an I.O.U. This chab is not buying. “It was worth a try,” Jessa Lee says. The wolf is insulted. This charmer gives Jessa Lee Twenty four hours to evacuate the premises. At this point, Jessa Lee realizes, “I have about a half sixty minutes to evacuate the cum from his nut sac.” So this babe goes down on him. Coz despairing times call for despairing measures.

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