It’s Hot In St. Louis

It's Sexy In St. RICKY

So after 8 years, is the big busted dark brown willing to settle down and cover up these pleasant milk shakes except for one fortunate smooth operator? “Eventually I do,” Lilith says. “I like to take one day at a time as you boyz know but it might be time soon. I’ve had a ball and met some great dudes and gals. But I love modeling also.” We’ve lost the exact count of Lilith‘s many appearances in Voluptuous since that babe came our way in 2001 after Exotica said her about us. It could be close to Twenty magazines and 10 DVDs. And yet for all that, surprisingly, Lilith not ever posed for any other studios, at no time knocked on the doors of all the other publishing and clip companies. That says a lot about her. A during the time that agone, V-Man Sky Chief sent an email with a photo from the cover of an obscure men’s mag called Cavalcade, dated January 1977, and on the cover was a model who was an absolute dead ringer for Lilith. “I was looking for classic big boobed mags on EBay and ran across this,” wrote Chief. “My immediate reaction was OMG! Lilith‘s Mother!” Which was why Chief emailed it to us. But it couldn’t have possibly been Lilith; this babe was born in November of 1977. Or is Lilith part of the Duncan McCleod Highlander clan and hasn’t told us yet? Ya never know.

It's Hot In St. DARRELL