“I Want The Position!”

“I Crave The Position!”

Scarlett Rouge is the kind of job applicant every company needs and each str8 human resource director craves to fuc.., uh…interview. This gentleman wants to know what sort of qualifications youthful Scarlett has and whether this babe can handle the position he wishes to acquire her in. This Lothario soon learns that Scarlett‘s not actually looking for a job. What she craves to do is fuck on his desk. That babe can receive any job this babe wants any day of the week. Getting a bigger than run of the mill penis inside her takes precedence over any job. This is how human resource directors get into bother with the company but screw it. How many dishes love Scarlett Rouge walk into his office? When we first met Scarlett, that babe was intend to college. What did she learn? “I adore to drool and spit all over a guy’s balls and then rub and play with ’em,” Scarlett explained. “Squeeze ’em gently whilst I suck it. A gal should incorporate a little bit of everything when she is down there so that that babe can make a charmer feel worthwhile.” And glad to go to work!

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