Heather Barron talks and sucks, but mostly sucks

Heather Barron talks and sucks, but mostly sucks

Heather Barron talks and sucks, but mostly sucks

This interview is not like almost all of the ones we do here at 40SomethingMag.com, but then anew, Heather Barron is not love most honey bunnys. She might be the horniest 43-year-old we’ve ever met, and she spends more than half of this interview engulfing weenie (two dongs, actually) and banging. Heather can talk and suck or bonk at the same time. The lady has skills.

When the interview opens, redhead Heather is wearing a blue suit that is sexy but not revealing. It’s just revealing enough. But that babe is concerned to brandish off her big, naturals fun bags and whips ’em out at the slightest prompting.

“And they’re super bouncy,” Heather says. Heather is saucy. She laughs when asked if that babe enjoys playing with her whoppers. She appears to be to love looking at her boobies, also.

Formerly an investment banker in Recent York City, then a dancer in Las Vegas, now a realtor in Vegas, Heather says, “I like to copulate. If I had a nine-to-five job, I couldn’t copulate as often.”

This interview is full of useless information about Heather, like how she flashes lads during the time that driving on the highway, how this babe gets out of tickets, how this babe is a Mom of four and, perhaps majority importantly, about her flickering tongue.

You know what? Just look at. Have pleasure. Heather is here for your fun. Hers, likewise.

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