Hardcore Special: 44 Photos of Africa Sexxx

Hardcore Special: 44 Photos of Africa Sexxx

Africa Sexxx thoughtfully demonstrates the Monkey Spanker on a SCORE Buck. We can not think of a bigger quantity enthusiastic spokesmodel for jacking than Africa whose face lights up at the mere thought of a woman chaser dropping a load from looking at her. Receive inside for Africa on episode in SCORE Theater. She’s bigger in size amount cock-lovin’ than ever.

One of our editors spoke to SCORE actor J.R. about the Monkey Spanker.

SCORE: Is this just another man-vibrator gimmick? They usually aren’t as good as advertised.
J.R.: No, the Monkey Spanker is the finest ERIC help I have ever used. I use it between discharges to keep my rod rock hard and ready for action. I’m not exaggerating when I tell u that it’s more precious than the real thing!
SCORE: Come on! You spend your days with your penis in some of the foremost SCORE and Voluptuous beauties. U wait us to believe that u use this thing?
J.R.: I actually do use it! It is small and lightweight and effortless to journey with. It is like the pocket rocket for lads.
SCORE: So would u recommend it?
J.R.: Completely. If u don’t have one, acquire one. You’ll use it all the time. It feels so good, you will not know the difference!

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