Rock hard SCORE: Carmen Hayes

Inflexible SCORE: Carmen Hayes

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<p class=Trust your fuckin’ friends at SCORE. When you are sick, you want a nurse just like nurse Carmen Hayes in this scene from the movie Unbending SCORE #1. When you’re perfectly healthy, you still want a nurse adore Carmen Hayes. This ill man finds that Carmen‘s healing touch is just the ticket to recovery. First, Carmen has to check his vitals with her medical instruments. Those prove to be inadequate. Carmen makes almost certainly of that the aged ways are still the foremost and the mature ways include checking his knob temperature with her hand, tongue and face hole. Further scrutiny of his meat-thermometer pressure is made by sticking it betwixt her stupendous, floppy hangers. This babe doesn’t need a fancy high-tech scanner. Nurse Carmen‘s diagnosis is that the patient needs to have his nuts emptied. This is what’s causing his poor health. In layman’s terms, the patient has a jizz build-up and back-up. She’ll need to screw it out of him and extract all the cum for further testing. Her marangos will be a valuable place to deposit it so Carmen makes sure this chab nuts her milk cans after they bonk their brains out. Another cheerful ending thank you to this goddess of lenience at the SCORE Medical Center where the slogan since 1992 is “Please give until it spurts.”

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