Gya: Whole Lotta Beauty 1

Gya: Complete Lotta Dominant-bitch 1

Gya: Complete Lotta Female 1

“I like it when men stare at me, so I’m always in petite tops that are very low-cut in the front and flaunt off my bra-busters,” says Gya and she lives what that babe says. “I love to wear mini-skirts and diminutive dresses that display my waist and my fullsome funbags. I love to be looked at. When it comes to fashion, I’m very open-minded. I adore to suit sexy and be assured. I am a firm believer that your confidence is what makes you look priceless in your sexy clothing. If u adore how u look and u walk tall and are pleasured of your body, the people who are watching u will see that and they will like u. When I shop, I love to go into stores that donot carry my size and then try on smaller sizes. I like when the babes at the store tell me that something is also tiny for me and that I am showing off likewise much of my body. That just makes me determined to wear it even more. I’m not ashamed of my body, so if smth is miniature and hugs my curves, I adore it. I love things to fit tight. I think that hot clothing should be adore my second skin.”

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