Fresh Face, Fresh Body

Fresh Face, Recent Body

Georgie has a cheerful face and a fine attitude. She doesn’t wanna be a pornstar, an entertainer or even a talented adult model. “This will probably be my last time,” says Georgie.” “Except for Voluptuous and Wicked Neighbors, I haven’t really had any offers. I don’t think a hotty like me is indeed appreciated. I am not slim enough or my bazookas are likewise big or I am not captivating or I am not tall sufficient. Well, that’s what I am hearing. I think I am just going to work on furthering my education and develop a career.” Georgie got admirable feedback from male friends who saw her previous pictorials. “Guys I know that saw Voluptuous say I should continue cuz they like my body and think I am nice at modeling. I too got larger amount suggests for coffee dates and vids! That was very flattering. I suppose I could do porn stuff but I’m not really into it. I am a one-guy girlfriend kind of gal. I do not even do hook-ups or one-night stands! Maybe if I had girlfriends who did porn, that would be different. I might go to a porn convention the next time I’m in Los Angeles, just to see.” Georgie hikes, bikes and spends time with friends and family. We’ll watch what the future brings. “I have more confidence in my body,” Georgie adds. “Before I would look in a mirror and feel plump. Now I like my body much more. There is parts I desire to improve but still I feel more nice-looking.”

Fresh Face, New Body