First BBC

1st BBC

First BBC

In her second shag scene ever, Candace Harley, a 43-year-old divorcee and Mommy from South Florida, sucks and shags her first darksome cock. Ever. Not just on-camera. Ever. It’s too the immense cock she is ever rogered. And Jax is 27, which makes for a 16-year age difference.

So, to recap:

1. Stupendous ramrod.
2. First black knob.
THREE. Sixteen-year age difference.

Candace was a total non-professional when that babe walked into our studio and drilled. This babe isn’t a swinger. Her friends know how wild and kooky she’s sexually, but they probably not at any time dreamed she’d do this. Actually, Candace not at any time dreamed it, either. Candace takes control and copulates Jax every which way. And this dude cums on her face.

“I adore the thrill of being observed but have at not time been caught or been confronted for it,” she told. “I’ve had a pair of encounters with babes. It depends upon my mood. I love giving a kiss and being touched whilst I’m climaxing.”

Candace receives all this babe craves in this scene. So does Jax. So do we. And did we mention that Candace is a huge-titted blonde? Well, we just did!

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