Day 3

Day 3

In a short time after SCORE magazine began publishing in 1992, we embarked on our first big on-location discharge. It was a tour to Eleuthera, Bahamas in July of that same year. That trip is majority remembered for being the 1st time we photographed Chloe Vevrier. Over the years, exotic location discharges have come to define us. Marrying busty SCORE Angels with sultry island backdrops has become a tradition that we’ve drawn a lot of inspiration from.

It was when we were producing SCORELAND’s 15 Years of SCORE Anniversary special that it actually hit us just how lengthy it had been since our last large on-location project. And just how much we missed the defiance, passion and specific imagery that these projects had brought to SCORE in the past. So, to initiate SCORE’s next 15 years, we decided to go back to the future. Back to Eleuthera. And the supreme news is, this time you are coming with us.

This is the day one introduction to a six-day SCORELAND particular we’re calling On Location Eleuthera. We’re taking u behind-the-scenes as we travel to the island and spend a week in an absolutely beautiful tropical paradise shooting an all-star cast of SCORE adult models. Who? SCORE reunites with one of our all-time faves, the ultimate big busted girl-next-door, Welsh dish Lorna Morgan. All the way from Australia, we brought Angela White literally half way around the world to be with us for this. From the Czech Republic, FRANCIS Nova, a relative newcomer, but a glamour model we definitely are looking forward to getting our hands on…in a strictly talented sense. Gianna Rossi flew the redeye from Seattle to L.A. to Miami to join us. And if the ’92 trip was the coming out party for Chloe Vevrier, this voyage that congratulate goes to new SCORE contract GILBERT Christy Marks. Christy, and her magnificent 19-year-old rack, hails from the great state of Pennsylvania.

Along with miles of movie and stacks of still pictures, you’ll relish fresh in-depth interviews with the cast done by SCORE editor Dave Rosenbaum. And, certainly, everything you’ll be seeing is neverseen to SCORELAND.

The logistics of a voyage like this? Not an simple task, especially in this era of restricted air trip and heightened security. But you don’t need to worry about any of that. Just prepare for an adventure in large boob paradise. For u geography buffs, Eleuthera is a 100-mile lengthy, string bean-shaped island located 200 miles due east of Miami. Miss it and your next stop is Africa. The island runs north south and we have rented a terrific estate on the leeside of the island’

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