Cosima – California Angel gets Creampied

California Beauty gets Creampied

California Hotty gets Creampied

Cosima is a California angel, born and raised. This babe grew up plan to the beach, having bonfires at night and teenage make-out sessions on the sand. Her easygoing attitude and positive carnal vibes appear to be ideal for the world of porn ‘cuz she’s not worried about drama or cash, she is just looking for a good-quality lay.

“I’ve dreamed about getting screwed on-camera for a lengthy time. I thoroughly enjoy screwing, and the idea of doing it for a living is really gripping. I had to leave California in instruct to make it happen, though. I am not the colossal fan of facial cumshots, creampies are so much more carnal, and California makes dudes wear condoms. So, there was merely one partiality of where to shoot my 1st porn scene. Thank you, NaughtyMag!”

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