Greek Gone Wild

Greek Gone Wild

Greek Gone Wild

According to our records, Gialio is the first Greek girl we’ve ever had on our site. That’s a shame. Everybody knows that Greek girls are freaks. Hell, the ancient Greeks had so much wild sex, the term for anal sex is called “Greek love!”

Gialio posed for these pictures, taken by an on-again, off-again boyfriend, in a private alcove off of one of the many warm, sandy beaches of the Greek Isles. “I love being naked outdoors,” Gialio wrote to us. “I like when the sweat drips down my belly before evaporating in the sunlight. I enjoy feeling the warmth on my pussy and breasts. I think the world would be better if we were naked all of the time.”

If we lived in a beautiful place with girls who looked like Gialio, we wouldn’t mind that, either.

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She Likes Bros

She Likes Bros

She Likes Bros

“I was very naughty. I fucked my boyfriend’s little brother,” Avery told us, sharing her deepest, darkest secret. We decided to recreate her naughty fling for you guys. “He was lifting weights, and it turns me on so much to see a guy working out. He looks like my boyfriend too, so I was curious to see if his cock looked the same. It did, but bigger! He liked his dick sucked the same way as his brother, too. His cock felt so good sliding in and out of my pussy. I could feel my pussy throbbing and squeezing his shaft when I came.”

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Michelle Burns Brightly

Michelle Burns Brightly

Michelle Burns Brightly

Michelle is a redheaded beauty from the Pacific Northwest. She’s young, tall, has alabaster skin, a shaved pussy and she’s as virginal as you’re gonna get in porn. She only had sex with two guys before she decided to try adult modeling in the pandemic, and she’s still dating the second guy. Enjoy this brief interview.

What made you decide to show the world your body?

I was looking for something to do during the pandemic. I started posting pics to Onlyfans, and it went well.

Was your boyfriend okay with that?

He’s a really open-minded guy.

Do you think it turns him on to know that thousands of guys have seen his girlfriend naked?

Probably in some ways…yeah. I think every guy wants a girl who’s a total virgin in some ways and a total slut in other ways. I’m shy in real life, but when I’m taking pictures or videos, I let my wild side show.

What’s next for you?

I’m just enjoying the ride. I’d like to get married and settle down someday. I’d also like a job with responsibilities and adventure. Who knows? I’m having fun right now.

Unfortunately, since we shot this footage of her, Michelle decided to stop shooting adult content. The brightest stars burn the fastest. Enjoy this exclusive content of the 20-year-old phenom-in-the-making who could have had a long career but decided to hang up her hat too soon.

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Tiffany’s Terrific Titties

Tiffany’s Terrific Titties

Tiffany's Terrific Titties

We were having a debate in the office over what part of Tiffany Tailor‘s body we’d prefer to nut on. We were evenly split, not surprisingly, into two camps–the ass men were on one side and the titty guys on the other.

Her nipples stay hard throughout the entirety of this video, even when she’s not tweaking and pulling and rubbing them. They jiggle enough to show you that they’re real and perfectly perky, but they look soft enough to slide your cock between. Plus, our milky white jizz would pop if it landed next to her beautiful, chocolate-kisses nipples.

Then again, when she turns around and pops that butt, letting it jiggle and shake like an earthquake, our pants get tight. She tells us that doggie-style is her favorite position. It might be ours now, too. We can only imagine how sweet it must be to fill her pussy or ass with cock while smacking her buttcheeks before dropping a fat load on her rump.

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MILF Lilly’s Porno Adventure

MILF Lilly’s Porno Adventure

MILF Lilly's Porno Adventure

Our SCORE Group photographer interviewed 46-year-old MILF Lilly James before shooting her taking a fat porno-sized cock on-camera for the world to see.

TSG: Were you aware that there was porn featuring women in their 40s, 50s and 60s?

LILLY: Yeah, I knew that was a thing. People have told me there’s porn with people my age, in their 40s, and a lot of guys like that. It’s a fetish thing. And people have told me I’m pretty, so I thought I’d try it.

TSG: Were you surprised when you heard that?

LILLY: Yeah, I was surprised. Most people think porn is with 20-year-olds.

TSG: The difference between you now and when you were in your 20s, sexually, is?

LILLY: I’m more sexual in my 40s. I don’t know what happened. I enjoy it a lot. I like to have sex a lot.

TSG: Was you doing this your idea or your husband’s idea?

LILLY: It was my idea. I’ve been thinking about it. I had my stage name picked out, and he said, “What do you think about maybe doing it?” And I said, “Yeah, okay. And this is my porn name.” So he was like, “Oh, you already decided you wanted to do this.” I said, “Yeah!”

If your wife/girlfriend wants to see what being an adult model is like, send us an email to We’re always looking for amateurs with an enthusiasm for sex.

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The Great Outdoors With Jenny

The Great Outdoors With Jenny

The Great Outdoors With Jenny

If you’re looking for your next international travel destination, we suggest Prague. Why? Because that’s where they keep girls like Jenny.

Here are some quick facts about Jenny. She’s 5’5″ tall, weighs 105 lbs. and wears a 32A-cup bra. She told us that her favorite part of her body is her pussy, followed by her face and then her butt. She likes fucking in cowgirl because it allows her to control the speed. Oh, and she’s a bisexual who loves having girl-girl-boy threesome.

There’s something about a girl with a model’s face, luxurious blond hair, blue eyes and a smile brighter than the North Star. Put a girl like that outdoors and shoot daring, exhibitionistic photos? Well, that’s good for more than one wank, that’s for sure.

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Cook’s Cunny

Cook’s Cunny

Cook's Cunny

A few weeks ago we showed you guys some pictures of a MILF named Brandi. A guy named Richard Fowler gave the photoset to us. The dude runs game on small-time wannabe models into doing their first-time nude shots. Since we’re the place for fresh, amateur pussy, he figured we’d be interested in seeing them.

Well, he got another gullible gal to strip down for us! Her name is Amber Marie and she’s done a little modeling before, but has never spread her pussy on-camera! She’s Dominican and Puerto Rican, just turned 21 and, as you can see, loves fingering her tight twat! She’s also got a culinary degree and was just modeling for a couple of extra bucks while looking for full-time restaurant work. If her cooking is half as delicious as her pussy looks, we’ll be lining up around the corner to taste her food.

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