Carrie’s Clothing Show

Carrie's Garments Show

We forget to mention in the title that Carrie is considerably pregnant in this SCORE Movie scene. Yes, anybody has injected his love batter into Carrie‘s oven. And she is bustier than ordinary. This clip is vouyeuristic cuz she doesn’t acknowledge the digital camera. Carrie‘s the quiet sort when the camera’s on so we’ve added a musical accompaniment. She’s brought a collection of hawt outfits with her and wishes to try on some of ’em for your pleasure. The digi camera operator gets in close and brings home some terrific extraordinary macros of Carrie‘s darkened, big areolae. Trying on gorgeous underware can be tiring for a mom-to-be, so Carrie takes a break with a bottle of oil. She oils up her knockers and belly-bump, caressing them thoroughly then resumes her lingerie selections. This babe finaly takes the one this babe likes and leaves the set, fully in nature’s garb.

Carrie's Clothing Show