Cara Reid – Cara’s 1st time

Cara’s first time

Cara's 1st time

“What’s gonna happen right now? I’m hoping I am intend to get the banging of a lifetime,” says Cara Reid, a 60-year-old wife, Mama and grandmother from Texas who’s fucking on-video for the 1st time. “I’ve at no time done this in advance of, but there’s a little wild side in me that says, ‘Girl, you can do this, and we’re going to have pleasure with it.'”

That babe had some emotional support: Her partner was sat just six feet away, watching her suck and bonk a charmer she’d met, well, about an 60 minutes or 2 earlier.

That’s something that definitely wouldn’t have happened, say, 16 or 17 years agone.

“I lived a very sheltered life until 15 years agone, when I met my second spouse,” Cara said. “A Southern upbringing with Bible, church, things adore that. As I grew up, I could feel things inside, but society says, ‘Ladies do not do these kinds of things.’ I was raised adore that.”

Then she met her second husband.

“He introduced me to adventurous things like skydiving, SCUBA, riding motorcycles, but then the more erotic side beginning coming out, and that chap brought up being with another female. So we did it, and it worked out very well.”

They became swinging couples eight years agone. And that lifestyle probably would have been wild enough for Cara. But then, she met 60Plus SEXY HOUSEWIFE Sally D’Angelo. At first, Cara did not know that Sally was a 60Plus Mamma I’D LIKE TO FUCK. They were biker friends. They rode motorcycles jointly. But then Sally said Cara about, and Cara told, “I’m in!”

Now, we do not know how u feel about destiny, but what are the odds of two cock-loving chicks love Cara and Sally, one who lives in Texas and one who lives in Florida (Sally), meeting up completely by chance?

Sometimes, u just get fortunate.

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