Bikini Busters SP152: 60 Photos of Morgan Leigh

Swim suit Busters SP152: 60 Fotos of Morgan Leigh

SCORE: What did u do before you became a glamour model?
Morgan: I’ve a degree in food science and managed technical systens in food manufacturing plants and developed fresh products.
SCORE: How often do you have sex?
Morgan: When I feel adore it which is often!
SCORE: What are your beloved raunchy poses?
Morgan: Doggystyle is my favorite position but likewise whatsoever feels precious at the time.
SCORE: What sexually satisfies you the finest?
Morgan: Getting blowjob.
SCORE: How important is wang size? What size do u like?
Morgan: Size is not important. It just needs to be used right.
SCORE: What type of foreplay do you like a charmer to do?
Morgan: Oral job with toys, always.
SCORE: Do u view adult movies? Do you’ve any favorite
female performers or male performers?
Morgan: I occasionally watch them but I have no beloved performers.
SCORE: Do you’ve any fetishes?
Morgan: I have been known to have a kinky side but I do not think I’ve any unless u count giant boobs as a fetish.

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