Bikini Busters SP152: 57 Photos of Merilyn Sakova

Bikini Busters SP152: 57 Fotos of Merilyn Sakova

Hardly any have inspired the kind of raging debates among tit-men that Merilyn has. If it took place in a room, there would probably be fistfights! Just a sample: MIGUEL says “I want to say that to me (and probably Merilyn as well) that I find it insulting that a member would offer that Merilyn should acquire a tatto artist to color in her nipps! Craziest! The female is flawless! Yep I acquiesce her areolas are lite colored, but they are still gorgeous as they are!” K.S. offers his views: “What makes people rave about Merilyn is simply her bust-to-waist ratio. If she were as ‘filled-out’ as Denise Davies or Diane Poppos, she’d still look excellent, I grant u, but I do not think she’d be quite as universally revered as she’s with her present shape. I’m not attacking Merilyn in any way whatsoever.” LESLIE is blunt in his opinions: “I indeed discover her unsightly plus she’s not voluptuous, in my opinion. For me, that babe is no thing but skin and bones with large mellons.” V.L. wishes to say : “I’d like to say congratulations to Merilyn on becoming the 2006 SCORE Porno star of the year winner. The truth is that i was frustrated and too feel sorry for Crystal Gunns on not winning the 2006 SCORE pornstar of the year, even though I voted for her.”

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