Bethany’s Dream Comes True

Bethany’s Dream Comes True

Bethany's Fantasy Comes True

“I felt I was likewise mature to consider something like this,” told Bethany James, a 64-year-old divorcee from Ohio. Also aged? There’s no such thing as too old when a female is as fetching and hot as Bethany, who’s fulfilling her dream just by being here. That babe had thought about doing this for 10 years but didn’t know websites like existed. Truly, they do not. There is actually only one, and you are looking at it.

There is a lot that is particular about Bethany. Her areolas, which that babe says are always hard. Her bedroom voice. U can acquire hard just by listening to her. And her height. She is 5’11”, and in those fuck-me pumps this babe is wearing, she is more like six-three.

“Men, either adore me or detest me,” Bethany said. “Often, I’m taller than they are, so perhaps they’re not very cheerful with that. Or they adore me ‘coz of the way I’m muscled. Coz I am me. Coz I’m Bethany.”

The truth is, boys of all heights like Bethany. “Men have always been attracted to me, and I have always been attracted to ’em. I adore chaps.”

A little more about Bethany: That babe was born in New York City and moved to a slight city in Ohio, worked for about 30 years as an executive for the state of Ohio and has never been a hawt dancer, not at any time been a swinger (unless you can not the one designated fucker who acquires to share Bethany‘s couch with her spouse) and has solely been nude in front of people at naked beaches in Negril, Jamaica.

She is the kind of lady we live for here at Savour her. Our gent did.

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