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The Pool Pump

Here to dispel the notion that SCORE and Voluptuous magazines and SCORELAND are a boyz club thing are actual girlfriends and wives of SCORE readers and web site members who have become glamour models here. This is the tip of the iceberg. There’re no doubt many more main squeezes who have joy the entertainment without becoming adult models. We’ve given the guided tour to a few couples over the years but the wives or girlfriends don’t want to model or they can’t for career reasons. Love Kelly Christiansen, Barbie Kelley took the plunge. And this babe went all the way, getting it on with stunt-cocks. We spoke to the Kelleys–separately and together.

Barbie and Mark

How did the idea of Barbie modeling for SCORE come about?

Barbie & Mark: From day one in our relationship, the day when Voluptuous, SCORE, or XL Girls came in the mail we would observe it together. It was often, if not always foreplay for us. It was something we commented about very early on.

How lengthy did it take to resolve to apply to SCORE?

Barbie & Mark: When we first submitted fotos to SCORE, I [Barbie] was nervous about doing clip so u studs passed on me. A year or so later anybody at SCORE asked one more time and by then the idea was not not quite as scary so, here I am…

Who are some of your mutually favorite SCORE Girls?

Barbie & Mark: Renee Ross, Arianna Sinn, Linsey Dawn McKenzie (Mark says I look love her), and Sha Rizell is breathtaking.

Do you expose the fotos and videos to select friends or do u keep it separate from your personal circle?

Barbie & Mark: We do not reveal ’em to everyone but there are certain particular allies that need to see her clips.

Have u met any SCORE or V-mag Gals?

Barbie & Mark: Yep we’ve. We met Zeta Verrone and her boyfriend at a lifestyle meet and greet. We also met Sheridan Like in Las Vegas at the AVN Adult Video Expo. She had her booth full of SCORE products and we’ve to say, she’s even prettier in person! Also when we were out for my 1st shoot, Sasha Bosoms was filming at the same time.

What do you think of the “SCORE Reader’s Wife” theme that is been talked about in the mag and on the SCORELAND Blog?

Barbie & Mark: We are guessing that this is a dream of most, if not all, SCORE fans who have well endowed wives.

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