Auditions: 12:16 Minute Video of Shawna Winters

Auditions: 12:16 Minute Movie scene of Shawna Winters

Crossing guards serve a worthwhile purpose in our society. They stop accidents. They keep children safe. They ensure order in a world of disorder. But what happens when some schmuck ignores the crossing guard? This lady-killer acquires fucked. Yeah, rogered. Sucked, also. At least when the crossing guard is Shawna Winters, a 46-year-old SEXY HOUSEWIFE from Baltimore, Maryland. Shawna doesn’t like to be ignored. This babe doesn’t like that people keep ignoring her prevent sign, so she takes matters into her own hands. She takes weenie into her own hands, likewise. And her throat. And her vagina. So, next time u watch a hawt female crossing guard, don’t keep walking. Pay attention! That babe might save your life and make you cum.

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