Annya Marie – That babe is Tricky

She’s Tricky

She's Tricky

There is merely one word for Annya: Stacked. And fuckable. Lewd. Ok, there are lots of words you could use to describe Annya, but why would you wanna describe her when you can just ogle her 4’11” frame and 32D-cup billibongs. With these crazily top-heavy proportions, it is no wonder she is got bad balance. “I’m the clumsiest gal in the world,” she told us. “I’m always tripping and bruising myself, but boys don’t seem to care. In fact, I’ll try to display them a recent bruise on my calf or buttcheek and they’ll give it a quick pat and then initiate kissing and licking with tongue my muff. I do not mind. I have used it as a trick to get my attractive raiment off in advance of. I’ll be love, ‘Oh, inspect this bruise on my hip. I have to lower my jeans for u to see it….’ That trick always ends up with the dude fucking me! Nobody can resist that.” Annya, we do not think you need to use tricks to receive fucked.

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